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Mimi 米米, the oriental pronunciation of “Double Rice” , was also the name of my 9-year-old passed away lovely cat boy. The name symbolizes the abundance and prosperity in the family which Mimi was incorporated to celebrate the beauty of our four-legged friends and what they mean to us, no matter it’s your best pal or just a mouse-catcher in the kitchen.

Our products were inspired by our four-legged pals (mask, bear bear, bulk, cotton ball) who share our ups and downs through the years. We unveil an edgy new concept for your best pals with an aim to giving the best available pet accessories for your four-legged creatures in today’s contemporary home. ​


Our philosophy is to design quality and stylish products which will endure across time. Products are designed with a mind of minimalism yet attentive to the needs of your loved ones. Natural materials such as cotton, wool, leather and linen are also used extensively in our tactile products.

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